A Governance Expert and Entrepreneur, Mr Alexander Martey, has asked the government to enforce the laws to deal with the issue of pair trawling along the coastal areas in the country.

He explained on the Sunrise show on 3FM Thursday April 22 that pair trawling is currently the fishing sector of the economy, a situation he said requires the government’s immediate attention.

Pair trawling is a fishing activity carried out by two boats, with one towing each warp, the towing cables. As the mouth of the net is kept open by the lateral pull of the individual vessels, otter boards are not required. With the towing power of two boats and no otter boards, a larger net may be worked than would otherwise be possible, or alternatively, the two boats can share increased fuel efficiency

Asked how long been pair trawling been going on, Mr Martey who hails from a fishing community, Ningo Prampram answered “ not less than twenty years.”

He told Alfred Ocansey that “Coming up as a youngman during the time of President Kufuor’s regime I started hearing about pair trawling so I can say not less than twenty years that pair trawling has been going on.

Commenting on assertions that this problem has been going on in the open, he said “That is very true. In Ghana we have all the laws but the problem is the enforcement.

“With the help of the media in 2017 and 2018 his Excellency moved into the galamsey areas to stop it, commissioning military to go there, they went there in a short time it turned into something else.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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