SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. (CBS46) — Private school parents in Sandy Springs are considering pulling their kids out of school, just weeks into the start of the semester as cases are beginning  to surface.

Meredith Hammons, has a 4th grader who attends Holy Spirit Preparatory School where there are more than 300  students.

She said the school dropped the mask mandate just a few days before classes started.

“It’s so strange cause the school did such a great job last year. There were masks, there were pods, they had a lot of mitigation in place. It wasn’t until five days before school started that they told us they reversed that,” Hammons said.

She said her daughter also was recently exposed to COVID-19 just days into the new school year.

“My daughter was exposed to COVID-19 on the second day and had to quarantine and the teacher that exposed her was vaccinated.”

Hammons said last year the school had a mask mandate and now they don’t. The school told CBS46 that masks are optional are and encouraged for unvaccinated staff members.

The school also told us that a Piedmont Hospital Doctor is helping them chose which protocols to implement. CBS46 was not able to confirm this doctors alleged advice.

Parents said the headmaster of the school is even telling parents masks don’t work and is backing it by research in articles he finds on the internet.

“The headmaster sent an email to one of the concerned parents this week that said students had a greater chance of dying of lightning strikes and various other things,” Hammons said.

The school told us they are providing a virtual option for concerned parents.

Parents told CBS46 the virtual option only available for those who are in quarantine or test positive, and they still can’t get any other information.

The school said large gatherings are also being held outside.

“I know for a fact they had a rosery in the school cafeteria with all the kids in the school and they couldn’t possibly have been distanced, with that number of students in the cafeteria,” Hammons said.

The school said 26 people have tested positive in total, which includes all of its campuses. It’s unclear how many are students and how many are staff.

Parents said the school has increased their transparency but now they want to see more mitigation action.

“If they are not willing to do universal masking, can they do hybrid masking, can they have the unvaccinated teacher masked? Can they have people who have had a COVID-19 positive in their home masking? Can they start doing some sort of surveillance?” Hammons said.

The school told us that they understand the concerns parents have but they are doing the best they can.

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