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Nana Mensah-Mark, a so-called Ghanaian pastor popularly known as Pastor Blinks, has been arrested by the police over an unapproved movie he premiered in the country in 2017.

Pastor Blinks went viral after a video of him shaving the armpit and pubic hairs around the private parts of his female congregants as a form of ‘purification and deliverance’ during a purported church service surfaced online.

Earlier on, he indicated that shaving the women in the video as seen of him didn’t come from his own intuition but he was led by the spirit of God.

But it later emerged that the viral video was an excerpt of a movie titled “Pastor Blinks” which was scheduled to premiere in December 2017.

Reacting to the harsh criticisms that trailed the movie trailer, the Pastor said it was “not to disgrace Christianity but rather help notice the bad ones as they are rather gaining roots.”

In a new development – five years later – Pastor Blinks has been apprehended by the police and charged before a court over the movie.

This was after the National Film Authority (NFA) reported him to authorities for producing and publishing a movie without any authorised label of classification.

Pastor Blinks confirmed his arrest in an interview with Kofi Adoma, revealing details of the charges slapped on him.

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