Price of Sperm Donation in is a question a lot of people are asking that they want answers to. Sperm donation is one of the ways to make money in Ghana. As a guy, you can make a cool donation of your sperm and make some quick cash.

You know your sperm can be sold to lesbians and couples who are struggling to have a child. Those couples who are struggling with child birth have many options such as surrogacy, In vitro fertilization (IVF), or even adoption.

So when you donate your sperm, it can be re-sold to people who need it.

Price of Sperm donation in

The price given to donors of sperm in varies from place to place. However, according to research, a syringe-sized container of sperm is sold between GHS1,500 and GHS3,500. This is the price for donating your sperm in .

And the price is dependent on where you are making the donation.

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