“I have never given my children Christmas presents, as terrible as it sounds, except one time, two years ago,” Christine laments. “I was hoping I could keep it up, but I’ve not been able to. Last year, I was on my own as I was unwell, and my sister looked after my children.

Source: BBC

One thought on “Price rises: The nine-year-old worried about paying the bills”
  1. If his mum got rid of her car she would save 95 quid a month. Then she’s spending another 70 quid a month on phones for two people (a 9 year old doesn’t need a phone so I’m just including her and the daughter here. Plus the daughter is 18 and works so can pay for her own phone.) She could save another 60 quid there. Not to mention she only works 35 hours. She could easily do some overtime or pick up a second job. That’s 155 quid a month spare without even looking at what they spend in more detail. This is bad budgeting (and bad parenting if she is putting the worry of the bills on her 9 year old). There are people far worse off than her.

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