Watch live as gun salutes fire across UK to honour Prince Philip

Gun salutes marking the death of the Duke of Edinburgh will be fired across the UK, in Gibraltar and at sea.

Saluting batteries will fire 41 rounds at one round every minute from midday in cities including London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, as well as Gibraltar and from Royal Navy warships, the Ministry of Defence said.

Gun salutes have been fired to mark significant national events, including the Queen’s Coronation and the deaths of Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill, since as early as at least the 18th century.

The public is being encouraged to observe the gun salutes, which will be broadcast online and on television, from home.

Prince Philip died peacefully in his sleep on Friday morning at Windsor Castle. He would have celebrated his 100th birthday in June.

His children paid tribute to him as the “rock” in the Queen and their family’s lives.

The Duke of Edinburgh is expected to be given a ceremonial royal funeral rather than a state one and will not lie in state.


Andrew and Edward arrive at Windsor

Princes Andrew and Edward are supporting their mother the Queen at Windsor Castle today.

Prince Edward was the first to arrive to support his mother today, while Prince Andrew, who lives in Windsor Castle’s grounds, was also seen arriving after 10am, according to MailOnline.

Prince Charles stayed with the Queen until late last night.

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 11:55


Watch live as gun salutes fired across UK to honour Duke of Edinburgh

Follow the link to watch the gun salute from 12.00 BST.

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Windsor residents pay their respects

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Flower tributes are left outside Windsor Castle

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Flower tributes are left outside Windsor Castle

(Tom Ambrose)

Tom Ambrose, our reporter in Windsor, speaks with locals paying their respects today.

Wendy Farmilowe, from Windsor, said: “I think it was more important for us to come down and pay our respects towards the Queen and the fact she has lost her partner of 73 years.

“As locals, the Royal Family are part of the community – they’ve been here together throughout lockdown and they make Windsor, really.

“The Queen will probably carry on, it’s a life of service for her but if she chose to retire, then good luck to her, she does deserve it.”

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A sign at Windsor and Eton Riverside station

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A sign at Windsor and Eton Riverside station

(Tom Ambrose)

James Moyle, from Windsor, said he thought it was the right thing to come and pay respects to Prince Philip the day after his death.

He said: “We live in town and just thought what a great life the Duke has lived and [coming here today] is the right thing to do really.

“We’ve grown up thinking of him as a certain age but you will have different people from different generations remembering him as well – it will be very strange now but I don’t think he would want a fuss.

“I did the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at school when I was 15, it was a really good thing to do and enjoyed that.”

His wife, Leanne Moyle, added: “I just felt it important to mark the occasion and it’s lovely seeing the television programmes last night all the things he’s done.

“To be fair, it’s always hectic on the weekend along here but people are doing it in a respectful way, if people want to do it, it’s a great opportunity to.”

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 11:48


Things are going to change now, says former Windsor Castle employee

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Melissa Moran and Mia

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Melissa Moran and Mia

(Tom Ambrose)

Former Windsor Castle employee Melissa Moran, from Eton Wick, brought her daughter Mia to lay flowers for the Duke this morning.

She said: “I used to work in the castle and I met Philip quite a lot of times at royal engagements parties and things.

“I think he’s such a lovely man and I just want to give my daughter a bit of that history as well.

“I have a lot of written notes from Philip and the Queen, from Christmas presents, so when I hand it down to my daughter I want her to kind of be part of it all.

“I worked in tours and tickets and at Christmas, we would go to the Palace and he would be walking around in the grounds and he was such a lovely man.

“He was such a nice, caring man, always really friendly, he would drive past in his car and wave.

“My heart goes out to the Queen really, I think she’s going to find it really difficult, especially at royal events and things – he was the funny one, the jokey one and things are going to change now.”

By Tom Ambrose

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 11:38


How Prince Philip’s death will affect UK politics

With local election campaigning on hold and government announcements pared back, Adam Forrest explores the potential impact of the Duke of Edinburgh’s death on British politics.

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 11:29


Prince Philip plays with young Charles and Anne in archive footage

Prince Philip plays with young Charles and Anne in archive footage

Prince Philip, along with The Queen, was filmed pushing Prince Charles and Princess Anne on a swing at Balmoral in archive footage from the mid-50s.The film was shot on the grounds of Balmoral Castle, a Royal Family estate near Aberdeen in Scotland. The footage, from September 1955, shows Prince Philip playing with young Charles and Anne on a swing set and goes to to show the family sitting and speaking to the camera, and playing with a dog.Philip died at the age of 99 on April 9.

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Nigel Farage attacks Harry and Meghan’s tribute to Prince Philip

Nigel Farage has attacked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the wake of the announcement of Prince Philip’s death.

In response to the tribute Harry and Meghan posted on their website, he tweeted: “For a couple that do public emotion as a career, this third person and one sentence statement shows their contempt for this great man and the monarchy. The British public will not welcome Harry and Meghan back, even for the funeral.”

The former MEP and leader of the Brexit Party also criticised the couple in an appearance on Fox News shortly after the announcement of the duke’s death.

Asked for his thoughts on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh by the hosts of Fox & Friends, Mr Farage claimed the couple’s decision to go ahead with the broadcast of their bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview while Prince Philip was in hospital would see their standing with people drop “very, very fast”.

He said: “It was well known that Philip only had a few weeks to live and yet despite that, despite the fact the Queen must have been in a state of deep distress, they proceeded to do an interview at which they attacked, effectively, the older members of the royal family.”

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 11:13


Well-wishers leave flowers for duke in Windsor

Tom Ambrose has been speaking with more people visiting Windsor to pay tribute to Prince Philip.

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Irene Orphanides travelled from Bedfordshire to Windsor to pay her respects

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Irene Orphanides travelled from Bedfordshire to Windsor to pay her respects

(Tom Ambrose)

Irene Orphanides set off from Bedfordshire early to beat the crowds and reached the town centre by 9.30am.

She said: “We felt it was important to come down and pay respect, both to the Queen and the royal family and to Prince Philip.

“He was such an amazing man, a lot of people don’t realise what he did in life – I think it’s really important people are finding that out now.

“He was a family man and there has been lots of bad press about him in the past, which is really sad.

“They do tend to keep themselves to themselves and don’t always get to say what they are really thinking and that’s sometimes balanced by the British public not knowing the full stories.

“He has been such a character – if he makes certain gaffes, it’s usually quite funny.”

Max Bingle, originally from South Africa but now living in Burnham, said: “When somebody loses a loved one, it’s always good to show a mark of respect – I think that’s just how people are.

“In these times when we can’t have that continuity of being together, I think people still wanted to come out to show their respect to the royal family and the Queen herself.

“Prince Philip has been a global icon so it will make a huge difference – he was always supportive of charities, such as the WWF.

“It’s quite sad he was so close to the milestone of 100 and not being able to reach it but, you know, life is not in our own hands.”

Trudy Lewis, from Weybridge, said: “I think the whole atmosphere of the country, it’s in mourning, there is a different kind of atmosphere on a day like this, when an event like this happens – you just feel you want to be part of the event, really.

“I don’t know if it’s brought people together but it’s certainly an event worth recognising.”

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‘He was a remarkable individual,’ Trevor Lewis says

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‘He was a remarkable individual,’ Trevor Lewis says

(Tom Ambrose)

Her husband Trevor Lewis added: “Well, I think he was a remarkable individual. Obviously controversial, at times, but on the whole well-regarded.

“I think he probably did a lot behind the scenes that he isn’t recognised for.”

Trudy added: “I certainly know people who have gone through the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and learnt life skills, it’s very well-regarded and an important scheme.

“He was almost invisible but probably very influential.”

However, Annabel Mary, from Windsor, said she didn’t think it was right people were coming from afar to lay flowers.

Walking her dog, Rosie, along The Long Walk, she said: “I think it’s a bit weird for people to come down to Windsor in the middle of a pandemic and, if you’ve got somebody old at home, who is shielding, I find that a bit bizarre.

“But people are going to do what they want to do, aren’t they?”

She added: “It’s just a really sad event when you think how well he has served the country and the Queen, he’s done such a good service.

“It’s just a shame, even though you know it’s going to happen, it’s still a shock really.”

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 11:07


Australian military fires 41-gun salute in honour of Prince Philip

Australian military fires 41-gun salutre in honour of Prince Philip

A 41-gun salute was held outside Canberra’s Parliament House in Australia on Saturday in honour of Prince Philip.Australia’s national flag was lowered over the parliament building to mark the nation’s sadness over his death.Prince Philip died aged 99 on Friday morning.Earlier, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison offered his country’s “deepest sympathies and condolences” to the Queen.Morrison said the Commonwealth – of which Australia is part – would now be the Queen’s “strength and stay”, referring to an expression that Queen used about Prince Philip to describe her appreciation for his support over her reign.

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 10:57


The Crown’s Matt Smith: Duke of Edinburgh was the man

The Crown actor Matt Smith has described the Duke of Edinburgh as “the man”.

The Doctor Who star played Philip in the first two series of the Netflix series, opposite Claire Foy as the Queen.

He said: “I’d like to offer my condolences to Her Majesty the Queen and the royal family.

“Prince Philip was the man. And he knew it. 99 and out, but what an innings. And what style.

“Thank you for your service old chap – it won’t be the same without you.”

Tobias Menzies, who replaced Smith for series three and four, wrote on Twitter: “If I know anything about the Duke of Edinburgh I’m fairly sure he wouldn’t want an actor who portrayed him on TV giving their opinion on his life, so I’ll leave it to Shakespeare.

“‘O good old man! how well in thee appears. The constant service of the antique world…’ RIP.”

Emily Goddard10 April 2021 10:55

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