Military rehearse ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral

A poignant photograph of the Queen and Prince Philip has been released on the eve of the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

The couple are seen relaxing together during a summer break and enjoying the stunning scenery at the Coyles of Muick, a beauty spot in the Scottish higlands on the Balmoral estate.

Philip’s “unwavering loyalty” to the Queen and his “courage, fortitude and faith” will be highlighted at his funeral.

In keeping with the Duke of Edinburgh’s wishes, there will be no sermon during the ceremonial royal service on Saturday, according to the Order of Service released by Buckingham Palace.

The funeral procession will reunite Prince William and Prince Harry, though they will not walk side by side.

The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex, whose troubled relationship has been well documented, will be separated by their cousin Peter Phillips when the trio walk in line behind their grandfather’s coffin.

Philip, the Queen’s husband of nearly 74 years died on Friday 9 April, aged 99, at Windsor Castle.

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Queen will be under ‘extraordinary pressure’ as she mourns husband in public, Lord Chartres says

Lord Chartres, a former bishop of London, said the Queen would be under “extraordinary pressure” during the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral as she mourns her husband in public.

The retired Church of England bishop, who was understood to be close to Philip, told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “I hope that today people really will be sending up a prayer for the Queen and for the other members of the royal family because having to grieve in public is an extraordinary pressure and something that most of us would not really want to do.

“But it is part of their life and their world, and I hope today, and I’m sure, that people won’t forget the personal dimension in the formal ceremonies.”

Lord Chartres said the duke had a “very practical” Christian faith, adding: “I always remember preaching on occasions which he was principal actor that the instruction would always come down: ‘No more than four minutes’.

“He was at home with broad church, high church and low church, but what he really liked was short church, and I think that-one was left in no doubt about that.”

The peer described Philip as a “very questioning, curious and deeply committed person”.

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Funeral plan ‘very much reflects the man,’ royal biographer says

Royal biographer Robert Hardman said the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral plan “very much reflects the man”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today, Mr Hardman said: “It is reduced but I don’t think it is any way diminished – the core elements are there.”

He added that it would be a service that “very much reflects the man – very unstuffy, unfussy”.

“You won’t hear a eulogy or any great address – it is very much what he wanted but all the way through it are those echo of his naval career which shaped him,” Mr Hardman said.

The journalist recalled asking Prince Philip about his legacy for a documentary, adding: “He sort of winced – he knew it was coming – and said, ‘I don’t want to talk about my legacy’.

“He actually said – it was his word – that it was indecent to talk about your legacy. He said ‘it is not down to me to decide how I’m remembered, other people can decide that’.

“He said what he really wanted to do is make sure that life can go on for those who follow behind.”

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Philip’s funeral to highlight ‘unwavering loyalty’ to Queen

Prince’s Philip’s funeral will highlight his “unwavering loyalty’ to the Queen and his “courage, fortitude and faith”.

In keeping with the Duke of Edinburgh’s wishes, there will be no sermon during the ceremonial royal service, according to the Order of Service released by Buckingham Palace.

His funeral will be held at the ground’s chapel, St George’s, on Saturday.

While the funeral would normally have been a state affair, Covid restrictions mean it was significantly pared down.

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Good morning and welcome to live updates on Prince Philip’s funeral.

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