A local pub is donating half of its profits to a fund for families impacted by the deadly school shooting in Oxford.

The owner, who has six kids himself, said he couldn’t help but think of his family when he heard about it.

“It’s just so bad coming home, being at work and finding out there’s a shooting and a kid was involved. I just can’t imagine that ever happening, you know what I mean? I just — it’s rough,” said Stuart Perry, owner of the 411 pub. “A ninth grader, eleventh grader, I think my other son is a seventh grader so, I do have them in school. You know, we send off and trust, I guess.”

Perry said if something like the shooting happened to him, he hopes someone would help.

“I just can’t imagine what they’re going through at all. So that’s why we’re doing it,” Perry said.

The Goodrich pub had special Oxford Strong shirts printed by a local Davison company. The shooting hits close to home across the state.

Perry has a personal goal of donating at least $5000.

“It’s too close to home, and even if it wasn’t this area, if it was Tennessee, Kentucky, or another state, just imagine those parents, I just — my heart’s out to them. You know, it’s just, it’s rough for them. And I’m sorry for what happened,” Perry said.

Perry’s not doing it for his bar. He tears up when thinking about what Oxford is going through.

“To give back. To give them something. That there’s people out there that – I don’t know how to say it. It’s here — that’s why we’re doing it,” Perry said.

Him, and plenty of other parents, are hugging their kids a little closer this week.

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