The Yapei-Kusawgu MP, John Jinapor, has downplayed the narrative that the government has made some concessions to the Minority in Parliament following some revisions to the 2022 budget.

Speaking on The Point of View on Citi TV, Mr. Jinapor described the narrative as “too simplistic,” after the government responded to five points the Minority wanted revised in the 2022 budget.

The Minority wanted the suspension of the Electronic Transaction Levy, the removal of suggestions of the Agyapa deal from the budget, rewording of the paragraph on the Aker Energy deal, and a review of the benchmark import values.

While the government made some changes in line with the demands, the main concerns around the e-levy were not addressed.

“If you just change the sentence of Aker to say we shall pursue the Aker Energy deal in accordance with Parliamentary approval, I don’t see that as a concession. We are just asking you to do what is proper,” Mr. Jinapor said.

“If you use that alone and say that because you agreed that the budget statement did not affect what the house approved and corrected it and then move on that to say I have granted a concession and so you must also agree on the other leg, it is too simplistic. I don’t see that as a concession at all,” the MP added.

In his view, the revisions made by the government “do not affect the fiscal tables.”

“The fees and charges affect the fiscal tables because of the capping and realignment. And also, it affects you, the ordinary Ghanaian.”

While the Minority Leader has suggested that the Minority would be open to compromise, Mr. Jinapor stressed that his side ultimately wanted the e-levy suspended.

“We are clear as far as our position is concerned that we are against the e-levy in its totality.”

But he added that “during negotiations, a lot of figures came up.”

The Minority may be open to the levy being reduced from 1.75 percent to 1 percent and the cap on transactions levied raised to from GHS 100 to GHS300 according to the Minority Leader.

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