The Savannah Regional Minister, Saeed Muhazu Jibril, has ascribed recent storms that led to the destruction of several houses and schools in the region, to the depletion of the forest cover in the area due to excessive logging and the commercial production of charcoal.

The minister made the statement in a Citi News interview after touring some rainstorm-hit areas in the Damongo township.

Multiple rainstorms across the Savannah Region in recent weeks have cause some destruction in three out of the seven districts in the region.

The West Gonja municipality, as well as the Central Gonja and North Gonja districts have all being hit by the storms.

According to NADMO officials, hundreds of houses and schools have been destroyed, whilst thousands of people have been displaced so far.

There are growing concerns the situation could worsen with more rains expected.

The Savannah Regional Minister, Saeed Muhazu Jibril, in a Citi News interview after touring some affected areas in the Damongo township, said the worsening storms being experienced is a result of the charcoal production and logging activities in the area.

He said this is the reason he has resolved to end the menace in the region.

“The wind that came with the rain yesterday was scary and it’s clear result of climate change stemming from our own activities, the logging and commercial production of charcoal that has been done in this area over the years is what is causing all these and we cannot continue in that direction.”

He continued, “I have resolved to stop it and I will do just that, so from Friday no logging will take place in this region and no charcoal will leave this region, we will make sure of that.”

Mr. Muhazu assured the Regional Coordinating Council and the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) are collaborating to extend relief to the victims by close of the week.

“As you can see some of the victims have been able to reproof their others but most are not able to, so am liaising with NADMO at the national level together with the regional coordinator to ensure we get relief to the victims, hopefully we should be able to do something by the close of the week.”

Meanwhile the Savannah Regional NADMO coordinator, Mohammed Tohir is calling on residents to plant trees around the homes to serve as wind breaks.

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