The Member of Parliament for Salaga North Constituency in the Savannah region, Alhassan Abdallah Iddi, is leading a team of health personnel to vaccinate residents against Yellow Fever.

Seven people have been confirmed dead as suspected Yellow Fever infections soar in the North East Gonja District.

Mr. Iddi said he had to lead the vaccination in the constituency to encourage residents to take the jabs.

“Some people usually hesitate in taking vaccines so as their elected representative, I have come to them to assure them of the safety of the vaccines and let them know that we are in it together and will get out of it together.”

Yellow Fever continues to spread in the Northern Regions of Ghana

The disease has so far been recorded in the Savannah, Upper West, and Upper East Regions

The Ghana Health Service has been battling the disease which has killed several people in the regions with several others bedridden.

Following the outbreak of the disease in the North East Gonja district, 7 people have died.

To bring the disease under control, the Member of Parliament for the Salaga North Constituency, Alhassan Abdallah Iddi, on Tuesday led a team of health personnel to begin vaccination in the area.

The team visited nomadic Fulani communities where the disease has been recorded to begin the vaccination.

Mr. Iddi told Citi News one thousand vaccines have been deployed in the district to vaccinate the nomadic herdsmen who are hit by the disease with a target to vaccinate 80% of the 5,000 Fulanis in the district by next week.

“Myself together with the health authorities are here to begin vaccination against the disease, it has killed 7 people within a week, so we have brought 1,000 vaccines to start with the nomadic herdsmen because the disease so far is within them.”

“We have about 5,000 Fulanis in this district, and we hope to vaccinate 50% of that population by next week, we believe if we do that we will bring the spread under control.”

The North-East District Health Director, Dubik Daniel Dundiok, said the lack of a district hospital in the area is making it difficult for them to ably account for the cases because patients bypass the Health Centre in the district to hospitals when they fall sick.

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