KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — A Kansas City man is in the hospital after someone hit him with their car Sunday afternoon outside of Arrowhead stadium.

This is the second pedestrian-involved crash this season. A driver hit and killed 66-year old Steven Hickle on October 10th while he crossed Blue Ridge Cutoff.

49-year-old C.D. Nelsen’s family said he was hit by a driver on November 21. His family says he is awake and speaking with family while he recovers in the ICU.

“For him to be in an accident like that, it was a pretty big shock,” said Nelsen’s daughter Samantha. “I never expected something like that to happen because there’s so much traffic and it moves slowly.”

C.D. Nelsen is a driver for Showtime Transportation, a limo service. He was working for them Sunday, driving a group of tailgaters to and from the stadium.

It’s a job his family says brings him a lot of joy.

“He loves to be out and driving around,” Samantha said.

When Samantha and her mother found out he was hit outside his car, questions started rolling through their minds.

“The first thing I thought was, is he conscience or responsive: That was our biggest concern,” she said. “Is he wake or is he going to be okay?”

The Nelsen family is questioning what more can be done to protect pedestrians at games.

“The fact that this has happened twice. It’s not okay,” Samantha said. “I’m devastated for the other person, the other family, but overall it’s just not okay for it to happen twice in a one and a half month period.”

KCPD says the impairment of the driver is a part of this investigation. They were unable to give us any updates Monday afternoon on the crash investigation.

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