Security guard, Mathew has disclosed that after travelling to Accra to hustle, he‘s never had a girlfriend because he can’t afford one in Accra with his 400gh salary.

In a chat on Naked Truth on SVTV Africa, Matthew indicated that he used to approach ladies but “they often turn me down. One lady asked me ‘do I how much she spends on pomade’. Looked at my dressing and appearance and left.”

As a result, Matthew resorted to masturbating whenever he felt the edge too. Even though he is never satisfied but he has to anyway. He said “I only masturbate because I don’t have a girlfriend and I can’t afford a hookup girl either. They are too expensive.

A friend indirectly introduced me to it. He told me he was going to the washroom but he kept long. I went in and found him masturbating. It was unusual to me then but I had to start masturbating because I had no girlfriend,” he explained.

Matthew currently works as a security guard and earns 400 Cedis monthly. He supports his siblings who are still in school with 200gh every month.

Kindly watch the full interview below;

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