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Ghanaian singer Stephanie Benson has revealed the sexual antics she plays on her husband in order to get him to accept to go on shopping with her.

According to her, women who have husbands who are very busy could use the same sexually-suggestive methods to coerce them to accept to do whatever they want.

In a video she shared on social media, Stephanie Benson revealed that she had to sometimes caress her husband’s manhood, give him a blowjob and sometimes sit on him in the cowgirl position.

She intimated that by so doing, she was able to get him to accept to take her out on a shopping spree even if he does not want to.

Stephanie Benson encouraged women to use the same method.

She wrote:


This is ‘HOW TO’ get your working Class Hubby to give you a Low Key Shopping Experience. 

This is the Poor Man’s Version, Ladies.  The little stuff.

I will get to the ‘HOW TO’ the High Stakes Shopping Experience next time.

Check Out Video Below:

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