ARCADIA, Fla.– A taco truck in Arcadia is winning over so many people, pilots from around the state and country are coming to get a taste.

The “Taqueria Queretaro” food truck has been pleasing pilots for two years at “Aviation City” located within the Arcadia Airport.

The food coming from the truck has been attracting more visitors every Taco Tuesday, according to the Arcadia Airport Director, Shelley Peacock.

“They say it’s the best tacos around. I mean, they really fly in from all over,” said Peacock.

Some regulars come from North Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and even Georgia just to name a few.

The taco truck was thrust into the spotlight last week when two men taking off in a small plane from Miami crashed in Collier County just off I-75. Those men were coming to get their fix of tacos in Arcadia. Both men survived the crash with minor to no injuries.

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Mother and Son duo Jose and Yolanda Hernandez own the truck, Jose said his mom is the one curating the popular taste.

“She’s been cooking nonstop for 30 years,” said Jose.

The Arcadia Airport was recently named the GA Airport of the Year for 2020. Shelley Peacock believes some of the credit for that accolade goes to Yolanda and Jose.

“I feel that’s because of Taco Tuesday,” said Peacock. “Everybody flies in from all over and I think we got really popular from that.” 

As more customers continue trickling up to the truck, the Hernandez’s are hoping to get in touch with the two men who crashed on their way to Arcadia last week because their food is getting cold. 

“We’ve been trying to get in contact with him. Trying to get him out here and get him his tacos,” said Jose Hernandez.

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