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A Ghanaian man has capitalized on the platform social media provides to create and share compelling content that redefines local comedy.

Time GH has succeeded in playing several roles with distinct perfection which has got many hooked onto his videos which he shares predominantly on Tik Tok.

Recently, his videos have been flying across social media and many have begun to fall in love with his rich content, humorous tendencies and overall personality.

He has been commended for his serious approach to his comedy skits, his special style and the time and energy he invest into his craft.

Who is Time GH?

Well, there is scanty information on Time GH but his videos speak a lot about his personality as an online content creator, actor or perhaps a virtual comedian. He is perfect at mimicking, and putting the eveyrday Ghanaian life and situations into proper context.

Below are some videos that Time GH has churned out recently which put a rubber stamp on his ability, talent and craft.

Check Them Out Below:

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