When your husband passes away, you get faced with a duty to pen him a tribute, a widow.

Sometimes, this is a hard thing to do. So as you’re searching now, you would want to know ways by which you can write a tribute to your late husband.

Just as we have learnt earlier, you can look at some things you can consider when writing a tribute.

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Examples of Tribute by Widow to Husband in

Tribute by Wife (example 1)

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth. And after my skin has been thus destroyed, yet in my flesh I shall see God, whom I shall see for myself, and my eyes shall behold, and not another. Job 19: 25-27a.

Tufa ufia, as I affectionately called him became my husband some twenty-five years ago. He showed me such pure love that I had never enjoyed anywhere else in my live. Tufia was a kind and generous person. He was so generous to my children no one could tell that he was not their biological father. Tufia, stood by me against every protest and would calm me down as and when I became angry or unruly. Tufia was a peace loving man who rejected quarrel or fighting in any form or shape.

My biggest challenge with his nature was his strict disciplinarian posture which was sometime difficult to handle. He was firm and would not change his decisions once made after a lot of reasoning regardless of who you are.

Ohh Tufia, why have you left me so suddenly, I always tried to make you happy. My biggest task which I took to heart and did it without hindrance was to always make you happy.

You were very fine until that faithful night at about 12:30 when you fell ill all of a sudden. We took you to the hospital and ensured that you receive the best treatment. We were told that the problem was just malaria so they put you on the malaria tablet. Little did we know that it was a disastrous journey we had started and that in a month’s time you would be gone for good. You were hospitalised for a few days and discharged. But the issue happen three times which got us all worried.

So when your children came for you for further treatment in Accra, even though we were not happy you were leaving us for Accra we had hope that you will respond to treatment and return to us in a short time.

I visited you the following week in Accra and we were going for the treatments together. Indeed you were responding to the treatment. I also ensured you took the medications that were given you.

On that faithful Wednesday, you ate well and took all your medication. We had our usual chats until you son returned in the night and we had more chats. Little did I know that this was the last moment we would have together as father, mother and son.

Tufia, I am heartbroken, why didn’t you tell me anything. Why did you leave me in the dark? You have left me speechless. What do you want me to do?

Tufia, I know that your father has called you home. I pray that we will meet again one day.

Tufia, Hede Nyuie, Dzidzor le nutifafa me, Miaga do go. 

TRIBUTE BY WIDOW (example 2)

No one knows when his hour will come; as fish captured in a cruel net, or as birds caught in a snare. So also, are men trapped by evil times that fall unexpectedly upon them” (Ecclesiastes 9:1) 

As a young lady in the early 80s, I met Efo, as I affectionately call him. We became pals and I observed his remarkable intelligence, knowledge, confidence and charming personality. Apart from his cute and well-dressed nature, one of the things that attracted my attention about him was his clean smile.

After we had struck a comfortable friendship, he started writing “verbal” love letters to me which I intentionally refused to provide the answer that he wanted though, I could say yes to his request.  As our love grew deeper, he got to know my favorites and I knew his.

It is often said, that there may be no perfect partner since perfection belongs to the Almighty God alone, but an ideal partner can be found in someone who has developed certain ways that go beyond looks, charm and success; and that was Mr. Alex Klutse (Efo). We have known each other for almost four (4) decades and when you talk about having a real partner, it was evident in our relationship because there were growth and understanding of our upsets and its influence on our conducts.

Efo, was open and always accepted his vulnerabilities; his openness made him express his feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires outrightly. He had so much interest in my personal development.

Few years into our marriage, the Almighty God blessed us with our wonderful children, a boy and a girl. Indeed, Efo was a good loving husband and a wonderful companion to me and our children. Although he was a strong personality when relating with his children, he did not hesitate to rope me in when he realized anytime he could not handle them.

On that fateful day in 2016, you embarked on a trip to Okotom to mourn with your friend who lost his brother and promised of returning safe and sound. I later that night received numerous calls from you about the accidents which you were involved in of which you were immediately taken to St. Joseph Hospital.

That was the beginning of your problem prior to your departure on this earth. The family did all it could at St. Joseph Hospital, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital and Eastern Regional Hospital for you to recover fully.

I spent days and nights watching over you in the hospitals and home, there were times you felt I was tired and you wept profusely. Now I have no regrets. The memories of those final days of your life on this earth will forever remain evergreen.

Our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not his ways. Man proposes and the Lord disposes of” It was a normal Wednesday morning in the hospital, September 22nd, 2021 when suddenly your health deteriorated. Frantic efforts by the highly professional team of doctors managing you proved futile. You gave up your soul after a gallant fight for survival.

Efo, I know tears are not enough but in the scheme of things, it was the only option. Yes, I cried, wailed and screamed at the huge vaccum you created in my life and that of our children. We love you and miss you terribly. Our children and I are however,consoled that you are with the Lord your Maker.

Efo, My Dear Husband Rest Well;

Rest Peacefully in the bosom of the Lord;

Hede nyuie;

Dzudzor Le Nutifafa me!

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