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Veteran Ghanaian actor William Addo popularly known as Akpatse has sent a passionate appeal to Ghanaians for support to start a business.

The actor who lost his sight five years ago revealed that life has been difficult for him and his family.

Akpatse who rose to fame for his role in the Thursday Theatre series on GTV stated that he wants to start a corn mill business to fund his medical bills.

The actor who now resides at Tefle in the Volta region explained that this corn mill business will provide a sustainable source of income to take care of his needs.

He also indicated that he owes the Electricity Company of Ghana a sum of 5000 cedis and his electricity supply has been disconnected.

“I will be grateful if somebody will help me to purchase ‘nika-nika’ to operate a corn mill business because, with this, it can generate some sort of income for me”, William Addo appealed.

William Addo further disclosed that despite being visually impaired, he suffered cardiac arrest a few months ago and had to spend some days at the hospital.

According to the veteran actor, he almost lost his life and appealed to the public to come to his aid.

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