You are invited to attend Webster’s next Business Masterclass on Thursday, April 22nd at 5:30pm on the topic ‘Innovation and Scalability in Africa: The Use of Technology in Business Growth Strategies’

The acceleration of the global economic divide between the Industrial North and the Global South, caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, is having catastrophic effects: countless number of businesses have shut down while others are barely surviving. Despite this threatening economic cloud hovering over the entire continent, Africa’s great development potential remains intact. However, this potential is highly dependent on the success of Africa’s cross continental business community.

Business growth in Africa will involve a number of closely related factors, including an enabling environment created by sound government policies, the attractability of its economy to foreign investors, the state of infrastructure, and, most importantly, the level of technological sophistication achieved, especially in the realm of digitalization.

Home-grown businesses throughout the continent will have to scale up across various industries if they are going to succeed in today’s complex and competitive business world. Agribusiness, banking, energy, tourism, hospitality, and consumer goods are just some of the industries where new technologies and innovative business solutions will have to be employed to empower businesses, expand operations, and reach new markets.

Join African tech giants, Herman Chinery-Hesse of theSoftTribe and KudiGo’s co-founder, Kingsley Abrokwah, along with Webster faculty member, Prof. Pratick Boateng in this Masterclass as they discuss insights into developing and enhancing digital strategies within the African business landscape. 


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