Marcus Wyatt’s skeleton parents are proud of him. The player is heading for gold in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

A British skeleton racer, Marcus impressed everyone with his unique style and techniques on the race. The slider aims to win with his unique format in the Olympic 2022.

Wyatt is more than ready to take his opponent down and win the race. For this, his followers have given him all their support and cheers for the match.

Will he get what he aims for; let’s get more acquainted with an athlete; while Wyatt prepares for his final hits.

Marcus Wyatt Skeleton Parents: Details On Olympics Player

Marcus is a Skeleton Athlete of Great Britain. He was born on 14 December 1991 to his parents.

The athlete has not opened up about his family details or revealed any information on his parents. However, he must have made his father and mother proud of his success today.

Wyatt has kept his profile low, concealing all his personal details. He is a British skeleton racer born to a British family.

Hopefully, we might get to know more about him in the future. For the moment, his details remain hidden as long as he keeps his mouse closed.

Come Across Marcus Wyatt Family

Marcus has not revealed his family details yet. Thus, it is impossible to know whether Wyatt has siblings or a single child.

Wyatt is a remarkable player who participated in the Winter Olympics 2022. His outstanding performance has made people curious to know about him.

Sadly, Wyatt has not opened up his family details. However, he is active on his Instagram account and often updates his posts with loved ones.

He is on Instagram with the username @marcuswyattgb. Marcus has a verified account with more than a thousand followers on his account.

Does Marcus Wyatt Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

Marcus is currently in a relationship with his long-time lover, Imi Dower. For the moment, the couple has not mentioned anything about a wedding or planning about their marriage.

That being so, they might just be waiting for the perfect moment to tie a knot. Wyatt has not revealed any details on his romantic life; not much is available about him.

Still and all, looking into Marcus’ social media, the couple seems to be dating each other for a long time and are head over heels for each other.

With that, Imi is his wife or current girlfriend. They are the perfect soul mate for each other.

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