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A few days ago, Reggie Rockstone, LilWin, Irene Logan and among other Ghanaian celebrities openly expressed their displeasure with the IGP’s decision to exclude them from the meeting with creative arts stakeholders.

Lilwin for example fumed on Angel FM that he’s amongst the top 3 celebrities in the country so the IGP’s refusal to invite him was totally wrong.

Reggie Rockstone and his wife on the other hand also released a self-made video where they bitterly complained that the decision of the IGP exclude Reggie Rockstone from the meeting is a sign of disrespect to the hiplife legend.

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Kwame A-Plus who is part of the convenors of the meeting has come out to explain why some famed people were not invited.

Addressing the issue on UTV’s United Showbiz program over the weekend,  A Plus claimed that Lilwin, Reggie Rockstone, Irene Logan, and the others’ absence from the meeting was due to a complete oversight.

He is reported to have said;

“When we were making the calls, there were a few folks we completely forgot about.”

The decisions were made by Socrate Sarfo and me. A large number of people work in the creative arts business. We couldn’t reach everyone since there were so many. Someone like Reggie Rockstone, for example. It was a complete oversight.”

On Wednesday, November 10, the IGP interacted with some personalities in the creative and showbiz arena, at the police headquarters in Accra.

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The essence of the engagement was to allow the Ghana Police Service to clarify some concerns by folks in the industry. 

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