A woman was taken shocked when she discovered that she and her husband were related – but it was ‘too late’ because they were already married and had a child.

The woman, who shared her story anonymously, said she had been married for about a year when her partner discovered he was half Native American.

The woman’s curiosity was stirred up because she, too, was Native Americanmothe – so she did some research and looked into his family tree, but was astounded by what she discovered.

She saw her own maiden name on the list after going back a short distance, so she compared his family tree to her own and discovered a link – her great-grandmother was his great grand aunt.

Shocked African American husband and wife sit on couch look at laptop amazed by unexpected mail

Taking to Reddit, she said: “I did some genealogy research on my husband’s maternal side of the family. I find his great-great-grandfather, who is officially Seminole Indian. We are excited at this point because we find that his grandmother was also born in Oklahoma on the Seminole territory. Well, I decided to go back a Lil further, and I become alarmed when I find my mother’s maiden surname down the line. I look into it further and find that they were born on Chickasaw territory in Oklahoma.

“At this point, my adrenaline kicks in, and I immediately jump back to my mother’s family tree. And there I found her. The woman that connects us. My second great-grandmother, and my husband third great grand aunt.

“The first thing I thought of was my mother-in-law saying ‘I feel like she’s a part of me’ when we first met. Funny how that works.

“No going back now. We’re married and we have a daughter together. It really is a small world.”

The question here is, “Is it a good thing to marry your own related” ??  Leave your comments down below…

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