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Xandy Kamel has finally landed in Ghana after travelling to Dubai for a vacation following her marital woes.

The actress and Tv personality has dropped a new self-made video on her IG that has received mixed reactions from Ghanaians.

In this new video, Xandy Kamel was gladly singing along to one of Daddy Lumba’s shady songs believed to be for her estranged husband that was playing in her car.

The lyrics of the song details how an ex-lover thought he/she had shuttered the love life of his/her former companion not knowing that he/she was the one who had lost big time.

According to Xadny Kamel, she’s now finer than ever and has supposedly found a new lover who is much more top tier than Kaninja hence he’s no longer his class.

Xandy Kamel didn’t tag or mention Kaninja name in the video but we all know that the song is for the ex-lover who allegedly cheated on him after giving him all her love.

Check out the video below to know more…

Xandy Kamel and Kaninja became the talk of town after the actress shared a video of herself crying bitterly when she caught the husband cheating on her with his ex.

Ever since then this scandal made it into the public domain, the two have not been seen together and there are reports that they have part ways for the better.

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