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A young man has expressed his undying love for a lady who refused to say ‘Yes’ to his proposal while she was alive in the most awkward way following her painful exit from the face of the earth.

The sudden death of 21-year-old Erica Appiah did not stop her suitor from showing the world how he fell in love with her beauty and wooed her for three years just to win her heart.

But as fate may have it, they never got to start any amorous relationship till death laid its cold hands on his crush.

In a video fast going viral on social media, the heartbroken young man, who reacted to the demise of the lady with profound disbelief, is seen kissing her lips in photos attached to her funeral poster.

According to him, due to the lady’s refusal to agree to his proposal, the only chance he had to literally get intimate was to kiss her poster. And true to his words, he kissed the Obituary with so much passion and every energy left in him.

At the funeral grounds, the young man put up one hell of a display to bid his crush farewell.

Watch the video below

His reaction subtly sends a message that “life is short” while urging women fond of rebuffing suitors who approach and show interest in them to reconsider their decisions.

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